atlanta party dj

atlanta party dj

P-A-R-T-Y?… BECAUSE I GOTTA! Planning a party, and don’t know what to do next?  Let our professional DJ experience take away your stress.  Just tell us the age group, occasion, and location so we can tell you what kind of party you should throw.  Most people find it easier to turn the responsibilities over to us.  You handle the food and drinks, we’ll handle the rest.  Whether you’re throwing a sweet 16 party, or a parents night out party, we can make sure your guests remember how much fun they had.  How do we do it?  There are a lot of elements that go together to make a fun party.  Here are a few…

Music Selection

A good party DJ knows what songs to play to get the crowd dancing.  The most difficult part of the party, is getting your guests to start dancing.  Once they’re comfortable on the dance floor, we can keep them their all night (or until they pull a muscle).  No matter how old your guests are, they will be self-conscious and nervous to start dancing.  We are convinced that there is a secret desire hardwired into all of us to “look cool.”  We’re worried that if we get out there and dance that we might “look like a fool.”  Don’t worry!  The only bad dancers are the ones who don’t get out there and try.  No one is judging you, so cut loose and have fun.  Our professional party DJs find that it helps to start the dancing with some cheesy music.  This gets rid of that need to look cool, and convinces your guests that acting goofy on the dance floor can be so much fun.  Unleash your inner dance animal with DJ Josh Whitlock today.

Setting the mood-Lights

Lighting can make or break a party.  Too much light makes people feel like they’re being watched.  If they feel exposed, they won’t dance.  It’s just that simple.  Dim the lights over the dance area, and make your guests feel comfortable.  Then they’ll really start enjoying the party.

Party lights anyone?  Our party DJ lighting system can transform your dull venue into one that has an official party feel.  We use a combination of sound activated motion lighting, strobes, and fog.  You’ll find that just having the motion and color of the lights adds a ton of energy to your space.  We can pull back on the strobes or the fog if you have guests who are sensitive to those elements.

One more fun idea…We have DJed for several parties where the hosts bought a lot of glow sticks and glow stick necklaces.  Apparently if you break the sticks open, you can splatter the liquid all over your room.  This creates a really fun glow in the dark themed party.  It does tend to have a very chemical smell though so make sure your room is well ventilated.

Setting the mood-Dance Floor Location

Most people never even think of this, but the location of the dance floor is very important for your party.  You’ve probably figured this out by now, but your guests need to feel comfortable if they’re going to dance the night away.  If you put your dance floor in the middle of the room, you probably won’t see a lot of dancing.  People don’t like being watched while they dance.  Another huge mistake would be to line the outer edges of the dance floor with seating.  This creates two problems: 1. Your guests can quickly leave the dance floor and sit down.  That means no one is out there dancing.  2. It allows the “non-dancers” in the room to watch the “dancers.”  Now your dancers feel judged and will quickly switch to the “non-dancers” team.

Our professional DJ experience has proven to us that a good layout for a dance floor is to have it located in the corner of a room.  You notice that most people will feel safer dancing along the walled sides of the dance floor.  While creating a comfortable environment for your guests, you’ll also supply them with an easy way on and off of the dance floor.  Traffic jams are no fun.