Wedding Reception Lighting Tips

Want to set the mood at your wedding reception?  Don’t forget the lighting.  Lighting can make or break a wedding reception.  If your lighting is too bright, people feel like they are being watched.  This tends to cut down on the amount of dancing your guests will do.  Our professional Atlanta wedding DJ team understands this dance floor phenomenon.  Very few people actually feel like they are good dancers.  If the lights are beaming, they are afraid everyone will see that they aren’t professional dancers.  Don’t worry though.  This is an easy problem to solve.  Keep the lights up during the mix and mingle time of your wedding reception.  Once you are ready to get the dance party started, just dim the lights, and get the party going.  Atlanta Wedding DJ Josh Whitlock would like to remind you that sometimes you have to “Turn down the lights, to turn up the Volume!”

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